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Online Casino Bonuses

Since the evolution that is online casino gaming began, players have been joining from all over the world. As this industry keeps growing with each passing day, so do the online casino bonuses up for grabs at every online establishment looking to create a legacy.
These come as free spins, free chips, free casino cash, or a mix of any of these three. Almost every online casino in Canada use some kind of bonus offer. Since these offers are an individual casino's edge over other competitor sites in the game, they come in all sorts of varieties, all in a bid to cater to the many types of casino players out there.

Best Online Casino Bonuses – October 2019

Claiming online casino bonuses is not just about finding the biggest one out there. The offer you claim has to benefit you, or else, it will be a loss rather than a win. Bonuses come in so many variants these days that it's pretty easy to get overwhelmed if you're new to the scene. That's where we come in to help. We've got detailed descriptions on the various online casino bonuses you're likely to come across on our platform, as a Canadian casino player.

Casino players from Canada are part of the wider global audience that gets to enjoy online casino bonuses in their entirety. From new player offers to bonuses targeted at the most loyal customers, Canadian players have a lot to look forward to when they choose to play online casino games. Every online casino operator looking to stay relevant do their research, to find out the latest trends and customer needs when it comes to online casino bonuses. After all, players can only be guaranteed a thrilling experience if they get services tailored to their needs.
Whether it's a bonus to boost your deposited amount or an offer that you can play for free, we have all that information right here! Different online casino bonuses are there to help serve you in different ways. That’s part of the reason you will always find a terms and conditions section accompanying every offer at an online casino. Therefore, before choosing to claim any of the online casino bonuses available, have a look at what the variety of online casino promotions out there have to offer you.

Welcome Bonuses

The first variety of online casino bonuses you will likely come across are welcome bonuses. As the name suggests, these are meant to welcome you to a particular online casino. You can only claim these if you have newly registered on an online platform. Welcome bonuses can be presented as a single offer, or a tiered promotion, depending on the platform you pick.
The majority of online casinos give you the option to opt out of bonus promotions in case you do not want to claim it for any reason. However, with welcome bonuses, if you opt out when you join, you can't change your mind later as you will no longer be a new player at that casino.

Deposit Match Bonuses

A deposit match bonus is a great way to bump up the amount you are prepared to deposit at your chosen casino. You may receive this as part of a welcome bonus offer, or as an offer targeted at existing clients at an online casino. Whatever the case, with this promotion, the amount you deposit determines how much of a bonus you receive.
The deposit bonus may come as a matched percentage of your deposit amount. For instance, the offer may say you will receive a 100% match up to a deposit of $500. That means if you deposit $50, the casino will add you an extra $50 worth of bonus cash to play. Therefore, you will have $100 to play, with the maximum amount you can deposit for the offer capped at the $500 mentioned. Matched deposit bonuses are great because they apply to all games on the platform unless otherwise stated by the casino in the T&C's section.
casino bonus example
Make a deposit
Get more money to play

Sticky Bonus

There are different types of deposit match bonuses. A sticky bonus is an example of a deposit offer. Sticky bonuses function in the same way as ordinary deposit bonuses. Make a deposit, and the casino matches it to a certain percentage. You then have the bonus amount and the deposit amount combined to play games. The difference comes in when you want to make a withdrawal. From the balance displayed in your account, you will only have access to the total amount minus the bonus amount awarded until you meet the wagering requirement.
So, let's say you deposit $100 and the casino awards you a 100% match up. That will give you an additional $100 worth of bonus funds. The bonus amount is then combined with the deposited amount, bringing your total playing balance to $200. With sticky bonuses, you cannot make any withdrawals before you complete the stipulated wagering requirement. As such, the $200 would have to be completed, and the wagering requirement played through to free up your earnings for a withdrawal. That is where the bonus gets its name from, as the amount is said to stick to the casino if you do not fulfil the attached requirements.

No-Sticky Bonus

The other type of deposit bonus is the no-sticky bonus. With this offer, you will be awarded a bonus amount when you make a deposit. However, in this case, the deposit and the bonus amount function separately. As such, you may withdraw your accumulated winnings without having to fulfil the wagering requirement first. That's right!
Your chosen casino will let you play with your deposited amount, first. If the amount deposited was $200 for a 100% match, that means you have $200 as the deposited amount and $200 as your bonus amount. However, if during your gameplay you happen to win $1000 before depleting your deposited balance, you can make a withdrawal. The withdrawable amount will, however, be less that of the awarded offer, resulting in a balance of $800.
On the other hand, if you deplete your deposited amount and start using the bonus amount, the offer begins to function in the same way as a sticky bonus. That means that for you to make a withdrawal of your winnings, you must now fulfil the wagering requirement attached to the no sticky offer you claimed.

Mixed Bonus

To get the most out of their online casino bonuses, Canadian players can look out for casinos that offer mixed bonuses. Based on the name, you can already tell that you will be receiving a little of everything. Deposit bonuses are not only restricted to free casino cash. You may also receive your percentage match in addition to free spins and free chips.
So, for instance, if a casino offers a 100% match up to $200 and 50 free spins, depositing $100 will earn you an extra $100 as well as the 50 spins! That way, you can use the free spins to try out slots and leave the casino credits for exploring other game categories on the platform.
The same offer could also include some free chips, instead of having free spins. That means that you will be able to use the chips on table games and spread the free casino cash throughout other games at your chosen casino. Hybrid bonuses are yet another way for new casino players to understand the inner workings of online casino gaming.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Another online casino favourite is no deposit bonuses. These are the opposite of the deposit variety of offers. Their popularity is due to the fact you do not need to make any initial deposits to qualify for these offers.
The online casino you choose will specify what you need to do to receive the advertised promotion.
No deposit casino bonus
You can receive no deposit bonuses for completing actions such as signing up for a new player account, verifying your account details, or even logging in on specific days, to name a few instances. New casino players stand to gain the most with no deposit bonuses as they allow you to test out a casino without staking any of your money beforehand.

Free Spins Bonus

Online casino bonuses come in different forms. However, if you're a fan of online slots, then free spins bonuses are for you. These are strictly for use on slots. You will receive a certain number of spins in the form of a deposit or no deposit offer. The casino will specify under its bonus terms which slot games the bonus is valid. It could be a specific slot title, or every slot release available at that casino.

Bonuses For Existing Players

If you've been a long-standing Canadian casino player, then you've likely come across bonus offers that are for existing players. These are the players who already have an account at a particular establishment. Even if you only signed up a few days ago, you are considered an existing player.
Online casinos came up with bonuses for existing players to keep them playing on their platform. After all, part of the appeal of online casino gaming is the variety of offers that are always available on different sites. Bonuses for existing clients come in more variations than those targeted at new players. The casino is no longer enticing you to join and sign up for an account. They are now looking for ways to keep you as a loyal client on their platform.

Reload Bonus

One type of offer you should always seek out as an existing player is the reload bonus. With this offer, the casino will automatically match your deposit by a certain percentage. However, you must make your deposit in the stipulated manner to qualify for the offer. An example of this is if an online casino says they offer all existing players reload bonuses every Friday. That means that for every deposit made on a Friday, during the duration of the promotion, you will receive a cash match from the casino.
Reload bonuses can be available at any time. Casino players may have access to them every day, week, month, or even during certain hours of the day. Information on these particulars is made available to players in the bonus terms section. It's important to note that online casinos have a deposit minimum and maximum limit when it comes to the reload bonuses.

Cashback Bonus

Another example of bonuses for existing players are cashback offers. These are refunds from the casino to its players. These get awarded for real money wagers placed during a specific duration.
It could be anything from a single day's wagers, to an entire month's bets. Go ahead and place your deposits to play your favourite games. Once you're done playing, depending on the casino's terms, you will receive a percentage of what you wagered back.
Casino cashback bonus

The cashback may come in the form of bonus casino credits, or you could receive it in the form of real cash. If it comes as bonus credits, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus amount once you're done playing. However, any winnings made throughout your gameplay are withdrawable. For cashback bonuses awarded as real money, all funds are withdrawable once you finish playing.
Cashback bonuses may also be valid on specific games, rather than the entire games catalogue at a casino. It's a great way to try out new releases since you get something back once you're through playing. Alternatively, they also allow you to explore other areas in the games lineup that you, previously, were unsure of playing with real money.

Get Some Of Your Losses Back

There are also cashback bonuses for your net losses. You read it right. Online casinos like to give their players a little extra every now and again. That's where cashback offers on a player's net losses come in. For every wager you make over a certain period, the casino will return a percentage of your net losses back. Therefore, if the casino says the cashback duration is a week, your losses for the entire week will be counted. Let's say the amount to be given back is 20%, and you lost $100. You will get back $20 to play with after the week is over.
The amount of money that players can receive from a cashback bonus often has a cap limit. It's always a good idea to claim cashback bonuses whenever they come about at your preferred establishment. That's because you will get something back for simply enjoying yourself at the casino.

Cash Drops

A somewhat new online casino offer for existing clients currently making the rounds is the cash drop bonus. And, no, this isn't an offer on the Cash Drop slots from IGT or Scientific Games. Cash drop bonuses are cash prizes that are randomly awarded by your preferred casino. The casino will put aside an amount that will solely go towards awarding players on the platform. The cash prizes awarded to players are for performing specific activities at the casino. The most common type of cash drop offer is one that players get awarded for playing specified titles on the platform.
The casino will mention the prize pool amount as well as how many players will benefit from the offer. For instance, it may be $20,000 for 50 players. The amount to be won by each player also varies, with the casino ensuring players are aware of the highest and lowest amounts possible. There will be players who will earn $100, with some others winning up to $1,000! Cash drop bonuses are yet another great online casino bonus you receive for choosing to have fun.

Loyalty Programs

Rewarding existing players on a platform is how online casinos do their best to retain their clients. As such, most establishments have come up with loyalty programs to ensure players are aware they are valued, from the time they join a casino.
Loyalty schemes allow players to accumulate points for what they do at their chosen casino. Examples of these activities include making deposits, playing certain games during promotional periods, or even logging in frequently, to list but a few.
Different types of casino loyalty programs
For you to reap the benefits of a loyalty scheme, you need to be a frequent player on that casino site. There are loyalty programs where if you stop frequenting the site, you lose points. There are also those that have different loyalty tiers that earn players a few perks depending on the level they're on. Whichever program your chosen online casino offers, the points you accumulate will later allow you to claim bonus rewards! These could be in the form of free spins, free cash, branded casino gear, tickets to getaways, and much more!

Loyalty Bonuses For All Players

There are online establishments that first monitor a player's gaming record before extending an invitation to them to join the loyalty scheme. In such establishments, you will not have earned any points from your activity on the site before receiving the invite. Once you accept it, though, the benefits start coming in.
Other casinos give you access to their loyalty scheme from the time you sign up. Part of their welcome bonus may even include some loyalty points to get you started. That means that all players on the site have a chance at earning loyalty rewards for their gaming activity.

Highroller VIP Bonuses

To up the loyalty scheme ante, some online casinos have Highroller VIP programs. These are loyalty schemes targeting those who make big bets when they play. Joining a Highroller loyalty program is always done via invitation. However, if you happen to be a VIP member at another casino, you can contact the new casino's support channels and inform them. That will give you instant access to the program and its benefits once they verify the information.
Highroller bonuses include perks such as having tailored bonus offers, prize giveaways, personalized account managers as well as unrestricted access to support staff.

Casino Bonus Terms And Conditions For Canadians

Every online casino out there has terms and conditions that apply to its bonus promotions. These are in place to ensure that players are aware of what the casino is offering them. In return, players are also made aware of measures and restrictions that the casino has in place regarding the online bonuses.

Casino Or Sports Betting Bonus?

Some online casinos nowadays also come with sportsbooks. These are online betting platforms that allow players to wager and even sometimes, stream the events they've wagered on. Whenever you find yourself on such a platform, be very careful when going through the bonus terms.
Casino or sports betting bonuses
Casinos and sportsbooks are different. As such, the bonus offers also vary. A welcome offer for the casino side is sure to be different from that of the sportsbook end. Whereas with a casino you may receive free spins, a sportsbook will offer free bets. Ensure the terms you're reading are for the offer you wish to claim.
There are, however, exceptions to these types of platforms. You may find that bonuses on a casino that doubles as a bookmaker tend to accommodate both sides of the site. For example, you may see an offer that awards a matched deposit bonus valid on casino with a few free bets thrown in for wagering on the sportsbook. With such an offer, the terms and conditions that accompany it will clearly state what applies to the sportsbook and what applies to the casino.

Wager Requirements

Online casinos bonuses have terms referred to as wagering requirements. They are what you need to do to turn your bonus winnings into withdrawable real money. Wagering requirements include the number of times you need to play through your bonus as well as the games that are allowed.
Be sure you choose an offer with wagering requirements that you can easily fulfil.
Casino bonus wagering requirement

High Wager Requirements

There are casino bonuses that only high rollers are likely to enjoy based on how much you need to be willing to spend while playing. Bonuses with high wagering requirements may require you to wager your awarded bonus up to 70x. That means if you received a bonus offer worth $100, you would have to wager that amount 70 times to be able to make the bonus winnings withdrawable. Therefore, you would need to play with $7,000 before you can withdraw your winnings.

Normal Wager Requirements

 For the wider casino gaming audience, wager requirements between 50x-30x are more commonly available. If you're not a high roller, but you also don't shy away from above average wager requirements every once in a while, then a bonus offer within the normal ranges is suitable for you. You will be able to fulfil them easily and withdraw your earnings.

Low Wager Requirements

There is a lower tier of casino players who prefer not to spend too much playing. Such players would benefit from online casino bonuses with lower wagering requirements. That will be between 30x-20x. Such wagering requirements are ideal for those looking to claim promotional offers without having to spend too much to earn their winnings.

Tips On How To Complete The Wagering Requirement

Since every bonus comes with terms attached, it's essential you make yourself aware of what claiming the online casino bonus offer entails. You should do this before you claim the offer, and ensure you've understood everything. In case of any queries, the casino's support staff should be able to assist you.

No Wager Bonus

Online casino players can also claim no wager bonuses. These are some of the most sought by casino players. That's because whatever you make from your bonus play automatically gets added to your real money balance.
Since they're free gameplay with real money rewards from the casino, they tend to be few. Ensure you claim such an offer the minute you land on one.
No wager casino bonus

Deposit Requirement

The deposit requirement refers to the amounts the casino accepts from those who wish to claim online casino bonuses. The casino sets a minimum and maximum deposit amount. That means that if you deposit less than the minimum required amount you will not receive the offer. On the flipside, if you make a deposit that's more than the maximum limit, you will not earn a bigger bonus. If the offer was 100% up to $500 and you deposit $600, you will only receive $500 in bonus funds, not $600.

Casino Bonus Codes

When online casino gaming began, players used bonus codes to claim offers. Nowadays, fewer casinos rely on bonus codes opting to, instead, automatically credit your account with the bonus. That will be once you fulfil the terms stated. However, if you have a bonus code, contact your casino's support staff to find out how to claim an offer using the bonus code.

Betting Limits

When using online casino bonuses to play, most online establishments tend to place a limit on how much you can wager for each round. Therefore, when reading the terms, check to see what the betting limit is before you proceed.

Time Limit/Expiry

As with all good things, online casino bonuses tend to have expiry dates. You may have claimed a daily online casino bonus or one that expires in a month. Whatever the case, always know how long your offer is valid. If you do not complete wagering requirements on time, your bonus and its winnings will be forfeited.

Excluded Banking Options

While checking the terms and conditions of online casino bonuses do not forget to check the accepted banking options. Different casinos have their preferences, especially when it comes to claiming bonuses. If you're looking to claim a deposit bonus, check which methods the casino accepts for deposits and which ones it doesn't. If you happen to make a deposit using the wrong method, you will not receive the offer.
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