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Free Spins In Canada

Free spins are among the most treasured and favourite casino bonuses of Canadian players! This is why plenty of venues, or those that know their business, at least, offer free spins as part of their bonus offer.
As the name says, with free spins, you get something for nothing! They allow you to spin the reels of an online slot game without paying anything, ensuring a flying start with a particular slot game or at a certain casino venue. And yes, we mean real money online casinos in Canada. Read on for tips on how to make the best of free spins in Canada!

Top Free Spins Offers in Canada 2019

If you're interested in free spins, and looking for the top online casino promos for Canadians, you're at the right place! We have a range of offers you can take advantage of at a plethora of different venues. Inside our top-lists, you'll find the best, and highest-grade casinos in Canada and the most relevant bonus offers in 2019. Look out for offers containing the words "free spins" and find your next slot game adventure!

We List The Best Canadian Casinos With Free Spins

Not every casino can be a part of our proud community. Only the brightest stars of the Canadian casino sky can make it in our lists, which we meticulously compile for your benefit. Finding the right venue can be tricky, which is why we do all the hard work for you. We consider factors such as legitimacy, or whether a casino is licensed and independently audited, safety, security, customer service, range of games, and, of course, their bonus offers including free spins

Why You Should Consider Using Free Spins

Free spins help ease your passage into casino gameplay, whether it's a new casino you're trying out or a recently released slot game by your favourite software provider. Like any other bonus, you're getting value with no risk involved.
They allow you to test the waters out, or even profit if you're lucky enough to hit some wins with your cost-free spins! Sounds good, right?
Benefits of using free spins

Perfect When Trying Out A New Gambling Site

Free spins come in handy when you're on the lookout for your new Canadian online casino. Perhaps you'd like to see how a venue suits your preferences, or maybe you're looking to test that new offering from Yggdrasil Gaming or Microgaming. Free spins allow you to do that at little to no risk, with a potentially large benefit!

Chance To Win Big While Risking Little

Free spins have been known to help players achieve some life-changing payouts. More spins mean more chances to win, and free spins come at no cost to your wallet. Any statistician will tell you that the more times the probability of an event is tested, the more chances you have of hitting the relevant outcome. This might mean big bucks if the stars align for you in the game where you have comp spins at your disposal! 

How To Claim Online Casino Free Spins

Free spins can be won in plenty of ways, such as casino bonus codes, creating an account at a casino, making deposits, as part of the welcome package, as part of seasonal promotions, as a reward for your loyalty at a specific venue, and more. Frequently visiting our site is an excellent way to make sure you're always up to date with free spin offers; our lists contain plenty of such offers at a range of diverse venues. 

How To Maximize Your Spins

Making the most of your free spins is what every Canadian player is interested in. A rule of thumb is that more is always better, at least when we're talking about casino bonuses. To maximize the value of your spins, you might want to get as many of them as possible, which can include hunting for promotions and being on the lookout for casino news. Both of these are made easy by our casino reviews which you can use to find the best free spins in Canada. Follow our lists and maximize the fun of your on-the-house spins by getting the best deals and the highest amounts of this bonus!

What Free Spins Are – All You Need To Know

A single "go" of a slot machine is called 'spin,' as it comes from the physical spinning of the reels of slot machines of old. These machines had large tubes filled with various symbols and spun to randomly present you with a combination of them on the paylines. Players would pull a lever and set the reels in motion, constituting a spin.
A free spin, then, is doing this action for free, or in the world of online slot games, pulling the virtual lever by pressing "spin" and getting a combination on the screen. Thus, you could get something for nothing, if you managed to match a winning combination of symbols. 

Different Types

As with anything in life, free spins come in a variety of flavours. This comprehensive guide is written to give you valuable information you can use for maximizing the value of your free spins and finding the best type and amount of free spins in Canada

Instant Spins (no deposit free spins)

Arguably the best type of free spins, these are a Canadian player favourite. Not only do you get something for nothing in terms of bonus money and potentiality, but you're also not required to do anything, other than, sometimes, sign up, to receive them.
No deposit required, these free spins are usually awarded to players as a thank you from casinos for creating an account.
Free spins no deposit

Extra Spins (on top of bonus money)

Free spins sometimes come as part of a layered bonus. Most frequently this is the case with a welcome package, but it can be a part of another type of deposit match as well. Deposit matches award you bonus money on top of your payment, and this can include complimentary spins too. So, for example, you could have an offer that reads "deposit match of 100% up to $300 + 50 Free Spins at Book of Dead". This means that your deposit will get doubled (up to a possible maximum of $600) and you'll also receive 50 free spins at the slot game by Play’n GO.

Real Spins (no deposit nor wagering required)

Now we've reached the unicorn of the free spins world. Rare, almost mystical, and extremely valuable, these spins are the best of the best when it comes to this world of bonuses. These are the spins which are as good as cash spins, except you don't pay at all. You don't need to deposit, and there is no wagering requirement on top! What you get is what you keep.
Truly wonderful, you should be on the lookout for these kinds of spins and jump at the opportunity to claim them.
Benefits of real spins

Mobile Exclusive Spins

Many modern slot games are getting their mobile versions too, and some are even going mobile-exclusive, being available only on the screens of smartphones and smart devices. Developers and venues sometimes elect to incentivize this kind of gameplay, so they award free spins only when you play a certain through a mobile or other portable device.

When Online Casinos Might Offer These Bonuses

There is a myriad of online casinos in Canada, and all of them compete for the attention and business of Canadian players. One of their most potent weapons in this fierce competition is the generous bonuses, which often includes freebie spins.
Free spins can come as part of a wide range of bonuses, which we will discuss in the following sections.
Free spins offers

As A Welcome Gift To New Players Upon Signing Up

Free spins are an awesome way to wish your new customers a warm welcome. This type of spins bonus comes as a one-time offer awarded exclusively to new players. The welcome bonus is meant to help you start your gaming career at a new casino venue in Canada, and it often consists of both a deposit match bonus and a number of free spins. Well worth keeping your eyes on our top lists to find these as they appear, as they can be very generous!

As A Loyalty Reward To Existing Players

New customers are great, but casinos must pay attention to their returning players as well. Most respected casinos include a kind of loyalty scheme which exists to promote continued gameplay at their venue and help players which always come back. These types of programs usually involve a progressive set of levels which players unlock by earning points awarded for placing bets. The higher you climb the ladder, the better your rewards, and this very often includes free spins as well!

As A Way Of Promoting The Release Of A New Slot

Casino software developers keep upping the ante in terms of creativity and innovativeness of their slot games. This means new, and high-quality offerings regularly join the slot game libraries of casinos in Canada, and they usually make a boom when they appear. Especially so if the developer team behind the slot in question is a well-recognized name in Canada such as Microgaming. High-grade developers often have their new slot games accompanied by generous complimentary spin offers, to create a buzz and attract players to their new title.

As Prizes In Tournaments

Online casinos in Canada are known to host a variety of tournaments. Sometimes they're looking for big winners of slot games, other times it's a timed tournament or a poker ladder. These tournaments can be quite inventive and part of the casino gamification. Whatever the competition, the top ranking players always get some sweet rewards. This can and often does include freebie spins at popular slot games.

As A Way Of Celebrating Holidays And Seasonal Events

Is it Easter, already? Or the Chinese New Year? The soccer World Cup? The Olympic Games? Global events such as these attract the attention of players and casinos make sure to offer free spins at the relevant slot games to celebrate. For example, for New Year you might be awarded bonus spins at a game which is based on a party theme, or you might get the spins for a particular blockbuster-themed slot when the new release of that movie comes out in theatres.

Some Advice Before You Claim Your Free Spins

Free spins are great, but they follow a set of rules which can sometimes be strict. Terms and conditions are always of paramount importance when talking about casino gameplay, so make sure to carefully read everything about the particular spin promotion you'd like to claim, especially the fine print. 

Learn How They Work Through Our Guide

Reading this compilation of tips and tricks about free spins is already an indication you'll do well when making the most out of your bonus offers. Staying informed is of the highest importance and will pay big dividends when making your choices. Keep reading for more useful information about bonus spins in Canada!

Search Through Our List To Find The Best Promotions

Use our casino lists wisely! They allow you to save a lot of time and effort as they only show the best and most relevant online casinos in Canada. In them, you'll easily find your new favourite venue and a host of exciting promotions and free spin offers.

Carefully Read The Terms And Conditions

As exciting as they are, the terms and conditions of bonus spins can limit their usefulness. A vital factor to know about is what is called the wagering requirement. This restriction is placed to protect casinos from fraudulent players and insure against potential losses of revenue. A wagering requirement of 40x, for instance, means you'll have to play with your bonus money at least forty times before making a withdrawal. 

Free Spins No Deposit – First Choice Among Canadian Players

The best a Canadian casino goer can hope for is no deposit bonuses. Free spins which fall under this category allow you to play with no risk involved. The potential upside is enormous, and the requirements relatively low.
Depositing funds for a bonus uptake means making a commitment, no deposit free spins allow you to reap benefits with nothing sacrificed at all.
Free spins no deposit bonus

Free Money To Gamble With – Real Money Winnings

It's like money growing on trees. Well, of course, you'll have to play through the funds and emerge victorious after satisfying the wagering requirements, but that is relatively easy to do when the free spins are on a good slot! Emerging with a couple hundred (maybe even a couple thousand?) of dollars made solely from bonus spins is a fantastic feeling. By following the tips in our guide hopefully, you'll manage to use these spins in Canadian casinos in such a way that you get to experience this! 

Finding Free Spins No Deposit In Canada

We have plenty of casinos that avail this kind of free spins at their establishment. Read our reviews, peruse the lists and you'll easily find your next exciting promotion that gives no deposit bonus spins


As with anything relating to casino gameplay, free spins also have their limitations. These can be divided into several categories:

Wagering requirement - we already discussed this limitation, but it's important enough to warrant repeating. You're not allowed to withdraw your winnings unless you complete the wagering requirement, sometimes also called "playthrough." We strive to bring you offers with low wagering requirements, but sometimes this restriction can be rather unforgiving, reaching even the 100's. 

Number of free spins awarded - another limitation is the number of bonus spins you'll receive, itself. The offers range from 10's, and 20's all the way to the 100's or, rarely, even the 1000's. Naturally, the more you have, the more you can win, but it's always a good idea to check the T&C's of the higher offers!

Bet amount - slot machines allow a range of betting from a low number to a relatively high amount. This is done so that the games can be enjoyed by a wide range of players, both newcomers who like to play casually or hardened, high-rolling veterans. A slot game can, then, have as low a bet value as $0.01 or as high as $100, or more. Your bonus spins will be locked at a specific maximum value inside the range of betting of the slot in question. 

Time interval - let's say you'd like to claim that sweet offer of 100 free spins at Tomb Raider by developer Microgaming at a particular casino. This might mean you'll receive them at bulk, but maybe the casino in question would like to keep you coming back for 5 days in a row. In that case, they might split the bonus offer and award you 20 bonus spins at Tomb Raider over 5 consecutive days. Sometimes the bonus itself is split over several deposits, and the spins linked to the individual deposits of the bonus.

FAQ About Free Spins At Canadian Casinos

The following two are frequently asked questions that many Canadian players tend to have about this type of bonus offer. We've answered them here for easier access.

What Are Free Spins Bonus Codes?

Bonus codes are a phrase or string of characters which you can obtain online which will then award you the bonus spins at a particular venue or slot game when entered in the appropriate field.
Let's say you see a bonus code that reads "Enter SQ1RS5 for 30 free spins at Royal Palace Casino". This means you can copy this value (SQ1RS5) and visit the casino in question. Then you'll need to paste it when asked for the bonus code. Doing so will unlock the stated number of bonus spins at the featured slot game. Keep checking our top lists for Canadian bonus codes.

Do I Get to Keep What I Win with My Free Spins?

Yes, after you've satisfied the terms and conditions. The most common one is the wagering requirement, forcing you to play through with your bonus funds a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings.
Some other limitations might include a maximum amount you can win and claim or a limited time period in which you can use the bonus and withdraw your money.
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